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FAQ & Etiquette

Please Read and Respect...

I will love you all the more for better understanding me

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Hi! I have never met anyone like you before, how should I proceed?
Hi darling, welcome! Please begin your journey by sending me an email and telling me a little about yourself. I'd love to hear as much as you are comfortable sharing, but please do include these things: NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL, AGE, OCCUPATION and a link to a current SOCIAL MEDIA profile (linked in preferred)
*please note, that I am by no means trying to add you, or contact you via social media*
**Read on to Etiquette to find out why I ask for these things**


What is on the menu/what are your restrictions?
I am a very open minded individual and can be subject to many flings and fancies depending on how the wind blows. I prefer to think of our time together as an overall experience and let chemistry dictate the festivities. I do promise lots of gentle caresses, intimate moments and mutual satisfaction. That being said, I do understand that certain things might be paramount to your enjoyment. If there is a certain thing that you have in mind, that you are unsure about please feel free to ask me about it, politely, via email. 


Can I see you tonight/right now?
Unfortunately not. I have a busy schedule, but with advance notice (at least 24hrs) I can make myself available at almost any time.I am unable to attend to last minute requests due to the time that it takes for pre-screening and as I like to take my time to be fully prepared for our engagement, both mentally and physically.


What are your methods of payment and can I use credit card?
Cash, discreetly presented in an envelope, book or gift bag is my preferred option. However there are no problems with email bank transfer for my Canadian clients. Credit card facilities are also available. I can provide a receipt and the service is completely discrete. A 5% surcharge will apply for credit card payments.


​What will you be wearing?
I love to play dress up, so I am happy to entertain any special requests you may have regarding attire, provided that I own it already. You may also feel free to bring me something tantalizing to model for you.Generally you will find me in an elegant dress or skirt set. Always with quality lingerie and stockings underneath. The occasion and time of day will dictate my wardrobe. It is of the utmost importance to me to be discreet upon our meeting. I like to turn heads not raise eyebrows.


Where will we meet?
An upscale restaurant or 4-5 star hotel would be best, especially for our first meeting. Enjoying a great meal with an attentive companion is one of my great joys in life. I can also meet you at your private residence once we have first met elsewhere. I do have a downtown incall location as well. But this is only available on a very limited basis.


Do you really look like your photos?
Absolutely! All of my photos are either completely untouched, or just have some minor edits (ie colour correction etc.) Please do not ask for selfies or face pics. Head over to my twitter @jamieunderwoodx for candid photos, while you’re there, you might as well click the follow button!


What turns you on?
Above all, manners, genuinity and warmness. I love to know that my intricate grooming routine has left you floored and excited for our encounter.


What fantasies do you cater to?
I find it's best if you have a particular fantasy that you ask me, and I can decide whether I can cater to it. Some of my most fun & interesting bookings have been due to unusual fantasy requests.

​I have tried calling/texting/emailing and you haven't answered, why not?
Chances are I am with someone, or busy with my personal life. I will absolutely get back to you as soon as I am able. You would not want me to answer calls while I am meeting with you, and I extend that courtesy to all of my guests.
Sometimes the world sweeps me up in all it's grandeur and I can take up to a week to respond. Please be patient as I use this time to recharge and refresh.

​I need to cancel our meeting, what are your policies on this?
Please see my etiquette page for my cancellation policy



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